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Building Cannabis 2.0

Ready to start your growth journey?

At Cohen Connection we leverage industry knowledge and relationships to help companies expand operations, develop sales strategies, secure capital, complete acquisitions, and execute business development opportunities.

Eliav Cohen has 8+ years in the cannabis industry and 280 million+ in sales. Work with him to execute strategic partnerships and actionable sales strategies that will grow your marketshare and your business.


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Sales and Business Development

Learn how to enter new markets, boost revenue, increase profit margins, forecast and deploy proven successful sales and business development strategies to ultimately dominate your market.

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Market Expansion

Work with me to identify and execute opportunities to expand your brand(s) retail footprint in new and existing markets. 

Learn best practices for new market entry, including manufacturing partnerships, licensing agreements, and white label deals. 

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Partnership Programming

Sales are great but product sell-through and growth is better. Implement my daily, weekly, and monthly sell-through programming strategies to drive sales growth month over month and achieve those quarterly and annual sales goals. These proven and successful systems will drive customers to stores to buy your products, educate & motivate budtenders to sell your products, and create a stronger brand authority.


Drive demand for your brand and products and win your markets now.

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Growth Capital, M&A

I am working closely with one of the largest privately held investment banks in the US, with over $300 billion in successful transactions. They are one of the very few investment firms willing or able to invest in the cannabis industry. 


We specialize in securing capital, finding buyers, and completing acquisitions.

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"Eliav has been a great partner for Harborside as we have grown and expanded into Oregon and in our existing market of California. He is communicative, collaborative and involved on all aspects of the business."


—  Pedro Fonesca, VP of Retail


It Always Seems Impossible Until It's Done.

Eliav Cohen



It Always Seems Impossible Until It's Done.

Is a solutions driven leader with a proven track record of translating complex data into streamlined B2B and direct-to-consumer strategies. Grounded in his expansive sales experience, he excels under pressure with his ability to identify and execute multi-million-dollar business development opportunities. With over $280 million in regulated market sales, helping Select become the largest North American oil vape brand, Eliav earns a seat at the table wherever he serves.

Ready to work together?